Summer Trip Recap

The Huntington Ski & Snowboard Club traveled to Fayetteville, West Virginia to “camp” in air conditioned cabins and take on the raging Lower New River. The New River is the second oldest river in the world and it is full of excitement. 

We stayed in air conditioned cabins on Saturday night, but the weather was absolutely amazing. Didn’t even need the air conditioning, but it was handy. Adventures on the Gorge is a great venue with good food and excellent camp sites. We certainly loved our stay in cabins CB74 and CB75. 

Awesome cabins! Door automatically locks… be careful.

Sunday morning we met up with our guides, Jayann & Ark, and 35 other “friends” to head to the Lower New put-in at Cunard. Our full day trip was such a fun time. Nobody fell in, but lots of us jumped in to cool off. Weather was perfect, water level was good, guides were great. 

Boat #1 – Jayann’s group! Check out Bethany’s intensity.
Ark’s boat with Mark at the helm! Happy birthday, Rhonda!

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